Tavern Hall, FLO Sushi, and Sunday Dinner

As you all know. I LOVE food. So this weekend was like an eat-fest of deliciousness.

After cooking all week,  Michael and I decided to grab a meal out on Friday. We tried a new place called Tavern Hall in Bellevue. Tavern Hall is a pub-style bar with an Irish décor vibe to it. Known for their Moscow Mule on tap, Michael and I both had one.

For our dinner, Michael had the Tavern Burger and I had the Chicken Sando. If you ever go, get the Chicken Sando. It is by far the best chicken sandwich I've ever had. So crispy, served on a rustic bun, with a crisp coleslaw, and spicy aioli, you'll think you're in chicken sandwich heaven after a bite.

On Saturday, I got a surprise gift from one of my sisters. Tea! Oh I do love tea.

Then that night we did a prebirthday celebration with Michael's sister (our birthdays are three days apart) and her husband at FLO sushi. We exchanged gifts and it was such a strange coincidence that we both got each other Kate Spade gifts!


Sunday was very rainy (as I write this, it's still raining), so Michael and I kept it low key. I spent the morning reading SPEAK (book review to come!) while Michael organized the garage and basement. For dinner, we realized we wanted to do something special because we'd be missing each other the next two weekends due to travel. Alas we did a team effort and made steak with onions and a green bean casserole. We opened a Maurice's estate Syrah from 2009 (my fave!) and had some dark chocolate for dessert.

A very good weekend of deliciousness indeed!

Lovin' Summer

I am loving summer here in Seattle. It's so beautiful, warm, and so green. And you know me, I love eating the cold sweet stuff too! I mean just look at that Prosecco float with strawberry sorbet I had out on the Bottlehouse Patio. Not to mention Michael and I have been frequenting the ice cream shop below us and taking night time walks. My favorite ice cream flavors at Molly Moon's ice cream are stumptown coffee, scout mint, and melted chocolate. Yuummm.

Though the summer heat's been good to me, it hasn't been for the Blaire bear. Not many places have AC in Seattle and the same applies for our apartment unit, except our apartment building has AC in the halls and lobby. Can you believe that? Blaire's been running out into the hall any chance he can get to cool off. One time, our neighbor caught Michael and I letting Blaire frolick in the hallways, so now we've harnessed and leashed Blaire so he can have a cool night time roam in the hall.

Except, Blaire hates the harness and ends up rolling in the carpet trying to get it off. Still, he looks darn cute in it, just like a kitten!

So remember my cute Kate Spade purse Michael got me in this post? Well we ended up going shopping this weekend and Nordstrom's was having a sale. So Michael got me this wallet to match. Best. Boyfriend. Everrrr.

But really, we went to the mall so that I could buy Michael an early birthday present. since Michael broke his sunglasses, we went shopping to get him some nice sunnies. Aren't those Prada shades nice?

In just about a week, this handsome gent will be 27! Time sure flies! Right after purchasing the sunglasses Michael and I passed by Trophy cupcake and ended up splitting a red velvet cupcake (my favorite).

 Then on Sunday we went to watch my second Mariner's game of the season with Cristine and Tim.

Michael and I

Cristine, Me, and Michael

Update on yesterday's banana ice cream!

So this morning for breakfast (yes, ice cream for breakfast!), I made the chocolate ice cream that I wrote on my previous post. It was delicious!!! Although, it came out more like a soft serve texture. I think next time I'll try mixing greek yogurt with sweetener and cocoa powder, then freeze it for a few hours to see if that texture is creamier and ice cream like. Once I do, I'll make sure to update you all!

Chocolate Pudding/Dip/Ice Cream

Remember those chocolate pudding snacks in elementary school? I had a craving for that today, but I wanted a healthier version. Thanks to the versatility of bananas, I can!

This chocolate pudding can also be a dip or ice cream too. So simple! Just blend a refrigerated banana with 1/2 a tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa powder. For ice cream, simply use a frozen banana! Ta-da!