Parachute Concert & Rebounds

Last weekend Michael and I went to the Parachute concert. I absolutely ADORE this band. I've followed them since their inception and have seen them live 3 times. And each time is always better than the last. Needless to say, we had a blast!

Lately I've been focusing on trying to relax. After ADKOU (the WIP I've been working on for the past two months) flopped, I knew I needed to do something to take the pressure off myself so I can fall in lovewith a story again. Oddly, the situation reminds me of dating. During my first break-up with a long term boyfriend, I found myself rebounding, hard. I did this because I needed a distraction from the gaping hole that was my chest. With more clarity, I realized me jumping into ADKOU was the same thing. I just wanted to write something and finish it, because I absolutely loved THE JEWELED EMPRESS. And I still love it. So it's hard going from a project you love to absolutely nothing. So I ended up jumping in too quickly just for the sake of doing something--for the sake of progress. But the thing about rebounding is that you can always learn from it, and sometimes they show you a different path, or they're a stepping stone to something better.

So a few things I learned from ADKOU:

  • I can finish things. I should already know this, considering I've completed and revised two MS's before ADKOU, but it's a good reminder.
  • I don't need to finish what I start. Just because I start a story, doesn't mean I necessarily need to finish. If I know the spark isn't there, why force it? It's like forcing yourself to be with someone even though deep down you know they aren't the one (sorry for all the dating references, but apparently I'm on a roll with this theme).
  • I can write fast. Even though I have a full-time job and I have other obligations, I am capable of producing material in a short amount of time. But that doesn't mean I need to. Sometimes, you shouldn't rush a good thing because you may just ruin it. It's akin to wanting to take 'the next step' even though your S.O. isn't ready for it yet. Or taking out muffins from the oven when it hasn't had time to bake. That said, I know I have to trust the process and respect my creativity instead of cracking the whip at it.

A different path ADKOU showed me:

  • I am more than one story and I am more than a writer. We can't have one thing defining us.
  • Keeping a balanced life and living life fully are more important than using all my free time to write. Don't get me wrong. I love to write, and I love spending the whole day writing. And that's good on occasion. Six straight weeks, however, can make for a bad relationship with writing (the exception to this is if your job is to write, but if you're like me, struggling to balance writing with work, school, family, etc, it's not easy to do!) and that's what happened with ADKOU. I blocked out everything with the mantra, Write! Write! Write!, blaring in my head. It led to finishing, but it didn't make me feel accomplished like I thought it would.

A stepping stone to something better:

  • Finally at peace with shelving the MS, I filled my time with things I love and enjoy: like people's company, food, sunshine, books, and TURN (currently obsessed with that show).
  • Delilah's been lingering in my head. She wants her story told, so I started dabbling with the opening chapters. And I reallllly like it. I'm getting fluttery butterflies in my stomach. I'm taking it as a good sign. I sent the rough pages to my CP and she really liked it, too. I'm onto something I think. It's so awesome too because she was a character who came to me (on April 2nd) of her own accord. I didn't have to force this story out and I'm not rushing to finish it either. I am starting to grow attached to it, however, so I suspect I will finish it because I am excited to see how it turns out.

To sum up, no writing is ever wasted. Live life and enjoy it. Don't fall victim to the pressure you put on yourself. Give yourself a break once and awhile. And watch TURN so I can squee with you ;)

Drafting, glasses, & my latest obsessions, oh my!

I'm back at drafting my next WIP and it feels awesome but scary at the same time! I haven't drafted since April when I wrote

Diamond Queen

so it always feels new and different when I get back at it again. Drafting is a different kind of animal compared to revising and editing, but the best way I go about it is to flash draft (which averages about 4-6 weeks depending on the idea). To keep myself accountable I aim for a daily word count of 2K. I can't always make the 2K, but if by the end of the week I can get to 15K, I'm happy.

And it just so happens that I met my goal for week 1!

Now, I just need to keep at this pace and I'll be golden (as long as I can keep my internal editor in check).

This past week was also strange because I was getting used to my new prescription glasses. This is my first time ever wearing glasses so it came with a learning curve. At first it made me really nauseous, and now my eye won't stop twitching. Oh well, you lose some you win some, I guess.

I've also tried to keep my distractions at a minimum so that I can focus on drafting, but who am I kidding. My latest obsessions?

Orphan Black


Wolf by Wolf

, and trying new things.

Have you ever had a multi-grain latte? According to my barista, it's pretty common in Japan and Korea, but it was totally new to me. It has no coffee in it whatsoever, but was marketed as a protein-filled-afternoon-productivity-boost (her words, not mine!). I managed to get 1K words in after drinking it, so I guess it worked?

Also, these donut holes with coconut cream. There's no significance to them, except that they were delicious!

Also had a date with this stud who introduced me to

SOMM: Into the bottle

, a neat documentary about what goes into wine. Spoiler: it's not just grapes!

How was your week? What's your current read or latest obsession? Comment below!

This Week

1. Michael and I watched a penis documentary on Netflix called 'Unhung Hero.' It was actually really interesting.

2. I'm currently addicted to CNN's Crimes of the Century (also on Netflix).

3. I reconnected with a close college friend and couldn't be more thankful for our friendship.

4. Reading through my November 2012 - February 2013 journal, when I was 21 and finishing my last two quarters of University, to get some perspective.

5. Yesterday, Michael pointed out that there's not enough Blaire photos on my blog, to which I replied, "I don't want to be a crazy cat blogger." Nonetheless, here are some more photos of the Blaire Bear.


6. Though we said we would lay off sushi for awhile, Michael and I are having our date night at Tamura tonight (It's just so damn good!).

7. Starting next week I'm working 4 ten hour shifts so I can get Fridays off for the summer, whooo! Friday = writing date with my manuscript at the cafe

8. Yesterday during my YA Workshop, we talked about publishing, and I don't know why, but I get so giddy thinking about it (though it'll be awhile until that time comes).

9. Today is Friday and there will be Sun in Seattle this weekend :)

Curry Butternut Squash Soup and Extreme Weight Loss

Starting work on a Tuesday really throws me off. I'm tired, lazy, and can't really seem to function. Though the Monday holiday was worth it, don't get me wrong! I just feel like I have holiday hangover!

Over the weekend Michael and I talked about being healthier (we really do eat out way too much). This week we're off to a great start. Since it was my turn to cook yesterday I made a curry butternut squash soup topped with some greek yogurt paired with roasted rainbow carrots! Obviously, from my enthusiasm, you can tell that I am quite proud of myself! It tasted better than I had hoped!

Yesterday, I also caught the first episode of season 4's Extreme Weight Loss. I love Chris and Heidi Powell, but I have to admit I like the previous seasons better where it focused on just one contestant instead of two. You were able to see their transformation more when Chris lived with the contestant for three months. However, it's understandable that they changed it considering his booming family. Nonetheless, I always enjoy EWL better than the Biggest Loser because it's more inspirational to me.

BBC's Sherlock Holmes

You need to watch it. This is a must watch television show. It's just so damn clever and engaging, the lines are so memorable, and the character development just hooks you in completely. The plot lines always keep you guessing. And the cinematography is so well done that it's better than the movies out these days.

I have to say. This is my current fave show, and I am so sad that I'll have to wait for the next season. It was really so great to binge watch seasons 1-3 in just two weeks. Now I'm going through Sherlock withdrawals. I want more. You need to watch it. I promise you won't regret it.