Birthday with the Armfields

I know, this is like my third post about my Birthday, but good news is it'll be my last post about it! So bare with me it will be very brief!
Opening my gift from the Armfield rents!
Since Michael's parents were in Palm Dessert during Cristine and I's Brithdays, they were so sweet to take us out this past Saturday to celebrate at Bis on Main in Bellevue. Here are a few photos:

Squeezing in for a photo with Tim at the center!
The Californians of the table!
Another wish!
 It was so fun and a night to remember, and as always the food at Bis on Main was absolutely perfect!
Thanks to the Armfield/Peter family for my gifts! They were all so truly thoughtful and I'm so happy to be a part of your lives!

Great wine, chocolate, a framed photo of Michael and I, and an Amazon gift card to buy books on my Kindle from the Peters! Thanks again!

Gorgeous earrings from Mr. and Mrs. Armfield! I love them!
And to add, here's two other photos from my weekend:
Blaire trying to sneak in nap!
Signs of Spring on my run in Volunteer Park
 Happy Monday everyone!

Unexplored Territory

I went out for a run this afternoon, hopping to log about 6 miles. I have this out and back route to this wooden bridge on the river near my house that I usually go on. It's a pretty straightforward, but for some reason I got lost today and I don't know why.

On my way though, there were all of these butterflies along the river and the trail was littered with caterpillars.

So much that after 2.5 miles in on my run, I just stopped and decided to walk, not wanting to crush them by accident. Somehow, I took the wrong turn without realizing it. I thought I had stumbled upon a dry area, the word 'wasteland' coming to mind.

But I kept walking despite the rocks and weeds and came upon a peaceful place along the river that I had yet to see before.

And I wondered at that moment if this was somehow a metaphor for something I have yet to discover. 

I didn't go after the bridge today, instead I went all the way back home, the way I came. For the first time, a run didn't clear my mind. And for the first time, I got lost on a route I thought I knew so well.