Drafting, glasses, & my latest obsessions, oh my!

I'm back at drafting my next WIP and it feels awesome but scary at the same time! I haven't drafted since April when I wrote

Diamond Queen

so it always feels new and different when I get back at it again. Drafting is a different kind of animal compared to revising and editing, but the best way I go about it is to flash draft (which averages about 4-6 weeks depending on the idea). To keep myself accountable I aim for a daily word count of 2K. I can't always make the 2K, but if by the end of the week I can get to 15K, I'm happy.

And it just so happens that I met my goal for week 1!

Now, I just need to keep at this pace and I'll be golden (as long as I can keep my internal editor in check).

This past week was also strange because I was getting used to my new prescription glasses. This is my first time ever wearing glasses so it came with a learning curve. At first it made me really nauseous, and now my eye won't stop twitching. Oh well, you lose some you win some, I guess.

I've also tried to keep my distractions at a minimum so that I can focus on drafting, but who am I kidding. My latest obsessions?

Orphan Black


Wolf by Wolf

, and trying new things.

Have you ever had a multi-grain latte? According to my barista, it's pretty common in Japan and Korea, but it was totally new to me. It has no coffee in it whatsoever, but was marketed as a protein-filled-afternoon-productivity-boost (her words, not mine!). I managed to get 1K words in after drinking it, so I guess it worked?

Also, these donut holes with coconut cream. There's no significance to them, except that they were delicious!

Also had a date with this stud who introduced me to

SOMM: Into the bottle

, a neat documentary about what goes into wine. Spoiler: it's not just grapes!

How was your week? What's your current read or latest obsession? Comment below!

A to Z Challenge: I is for Insurgent

I is for 'Insurgent.'

I went to see Insurgent this week (the sequel to Divergent) with my sister. I wasn't too enthusiastic since I read the series. For me, the plot line really starts to dip in the second installment, and the third was... I should stop myself here. I don't want to influence nor do I want hate mail from die hard fans. I just wasn't a fan of the rest of the books, though I did love Divergent.

So it was really interesting going to the movies with someone who hadn't read the books. My sister really liked the first book and really wanted to see the second movie. But she left the theater disappointed after. I found it interesting that we came to the same conclusion albeit through different medians (book versus film).

Did you ever see a film that was better than the book or vice versa? Let me know in a comment below!

Cinderella movie, and heading into revision mode.

Hey, you know that Cinderella movie that opened this weekend? Yeah? Go see it now! This remake is stunningly cinematic, the acting heartfelt (it got me teary twice!), and the music emotionally balanced. When it was over, I found myself surprised by how much I loved it. Considering how you know how it goes and ends, you would think their wouldn't be anything surprising about it at all. Yet somehow it made me feel like six year's old again, watching it for the very first time, and to me, that's some serious movie magic!

And those costumes! Ahhh! Everything was so beautiful, and the cast so perfect. I'm really glad Disney kept the story like its original. I'm getting tired of all those reimaginings. This just makes me even more excited for the 'Beauty and the Beast' remake with Emma Watson. That's my favorite Disney movie ever.

Okay now that my fangirling moment is over, I guess I should do a writing update on M3 (though I kinda just want to write a fairytale myself now). Pumping out the first draft, was well eh, painful. So I printed it out, did a read-through and made serious notes with the help of cocktails, fries, cookies, and ice cream. Not the best writing diet!

After posting on IWSG this month and getting encouraging feedback, I've decided to change a major component of my story which will mean serious revisions. So yeah, going into a second draft revision mode. I'm going at a snail's pace compared to last year's M2, but I have a pretty good excuse with the move and all ;)

Now go see Cinderella! It's Michelle-approved!

The Imitation Game, 80th Birthday, & the Super Bowl

So Michael and I finally went to the see The Imitation Game on Friday. We've been wanting to go for a while, but the first time we tried, we missed the showing. The second time, we got too caught up in the season finale of The Taste. Now the third time, after a mad dash of a dinner, we finally ended up making it.

And let me just say, I was blown away! It was such an awesome movie, well-paced, poignant dialogue, a note of humor with some intense emotional scenes, and just well done cinematic and music-wise. I really hope this movie, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Kiera Knightley all get an oscar!

On Saturday we celebrated Michael's grandmother's 80th Birthday. It was definitely a great time hanging out with Michael's whole family from his father's side. I can't imagine what the world will be like if I ever get the chance to live that long. I asked the Birthday girl if time seemed to go by quick or if it seemed like a long journey to get to this point. She answered, "Quick, too quick."

The grandchildren plus Tim & I (PC: Cristine Peters)

Delicious red velvet cake! (PC: Cristine Peters)

Michael & I (PC: Cristine Peters)

The next day was the super bowl. This year I wasn't stuck in a hotel in the suburbs of Boston, thank goodness! So I got to watch the Super bowl with Michael's family. All in all, it was a great time: the food, the company, the fluffy dogs.

PC: @benlowy

The only downside was that last play (let me just say, the city has never been so quiet, grey, and rainy like it is today).

Alas, there's always next year, right?

Seattle Cinerama: The Hobbits

The last Hobbit movie! It feels like the end of an era as the Hobbit movies come to a close! I remember when I was just a kid watching The Lord of the Rings movies. Oh how time passes. For the last Hobbit movie, I wanted to watch it in comfort. The Seattle Cinerama reopened about a month ago, so I thought it'd be the best place to see it. With reclining comfy seats, great sound, big screen, and a concession stand filled with Seattle treats and alcohol, what could be better?

So yesterday we made it into a double date with Michael's sister, Cristine, and her husband Tim. We met at Tallulah's below our place for dinner then set off to catch our movie.

Can I just mention that they have really good popcorn? I got a mixture of chocolate and butter popcorn, a great mix of sweet and salty, without it being super oily.

Oh and did I mention we saw the movie in 3D? The 3D at the Cinerama is by far the best 3D experience I've had so far. Normally I don't care for 3D, but the quality in the theater was so good, it was kind of like being in a game with all the CGI and stuff.

All in all, I would recommend the Cinerama if you want a better than average movie-going experience. The prices for the concession wasn't too bad and was better than the offerings at the normal big-chain theaters. Only downside is the increase in ticket prices (15 compared to the standard 10), but considering the quality theater, it's not too shabby.

I've heard about some other cool theaters around the area that serve dinner with your movie and what not. I'll have to check out those soon once there's another movie I'm really interested in.

Are there any cool theaters in your area?

The Fault in Our Stars Movie

I didn't have enough tissues. If you have yet to see this, bring a box of kleenex!

This past weekend, I got Michael to come with me to see the film adaption of the beloved John Green novel, and it did not disappoint. I actually loved the film adaption better than the book. That's how well the film was made. Mix in a great cast and a perfect soundtrack and you've struck gold.

Now that the opening weekend is over and the numbers are in, 48 million, topping the box office, with 85% of viewership young females aged 25 and below, what does it say about the Young Adult genre?

Well, I for one am ecstatic that it's finally getting some recognition. It shows that it's a force to be reckoned with in the film and publishing industry. Not to mention, it shows the power of fandoms and social media.

I think as a teenager, some of my fondest moments were getting into series (Harry Potter and Twilight) and seeing the book come to the screen. My friends and I would all camp out, dressed up, waiting in line to get the absolute best seats. This past weekend, sitting in the theater to watch TFIOS, I'm glad that the trend continues and I can only hope that one day, I'll be able to write a book that so many young adults care about.

Stuck in Love

I kind of have a new favorite movie which warrants this post.

Let me just say now that Seattle winters are tough. Today was not the best day for me. We all have those right? So bad to the extent where we rent a movie, camp on the coach, and eat a whole bag of chips while your cat watches you, right? Or is that just me? Well besides being uncomfortably bloated from excess salt (by the way, eating a bag of chips sounds like a yummy and good idea, but trust me, it isn't!), I'm kind of glad I had the kind of day I did, because it led me to watching Stuck in Love.

Yeah, it's about love, but it's also about life and the experiences you make with other people. I'll admit I cried twice, but that's only because the story was soooo good and the acting was spot on. What I really enjoyed was the dialogue, vibrant characters, and the pacing of the movie. I wish that this story had been a book, because it would have been so enjoyable to know these characters in depth.

The movie was written and directed by first timer Josh Boone who's next film is based off a book. John Green's in fact! Which means I am so excited to see the Fault in Our Stars film rendition since it is in very capable hands:)