The Imitation Game, 80th Birthday, & the Super Bowl

So Michael and I finally went to the see The Imitation Game on Friday. We've been wanting to go for a while, but the first time we tried, we missed the showing. The second time, we got too caught up in the season finale of The Taste. Now the third time, after a mad dash of a dinner, we finally ended up making it.

And let me just say, I was blown away! It was such an awesome movie, well-paced, poignant dialogue, a note of humor with some intense emotional scenes, and just well done cinematic and music-wise. I really hope this movie, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Kiera Knightley all get an oscar!

On Saturday we celebrated Michael's grandmother's 80th Birthday. It was definitely a great time hanging out with Michael's whole family from his father's side. I can't imagine what the world will be like if I ever get the chance to live that long. I asked the Birthday girl if time seemed to go by quick or if it seemed like a long journey to get to this point. She answered, "Quick, too quick."

The grandchildren plus Tim & I (PC: Cristine Peters)

Delicious red velvet cake! (PC: Cristine Peters)

Michael & I (PC: Cristine Peters)

The next day was the super bowl. This year I wasn't stuck in a hotel in the suburbs of Boston, thank goodness! So I got to watch the Super bowl with Michael's family. All in all, it was a great time: the food, the company, the fluffy dogs.

PC: @benlowy

The only downside was that last play (let me just say, the city has never been so quiet, grey, and rainy like it is today).

Alas, there's always next year, right?

The Fault in Our Stars Movie

I didn't have enough tissues. If you have yet to see this, bring a box of kleenex!

This past weekend, I got Michael to come with me to see the film adaption of the beloved John Green novel, and it did not disappoint. I actually loved the film adaption better than the book. That's how well the film was made. Mix in a great cast and a perfect soundtrack and you've struck gold.

Now that the opening weekend is over and the numbers are in, 48 million, topping the box office, with 85% of viewership young females aged 25 and below, what does it say about the Young Adult genre?

Well, I for one am ecstatic that it's finally getting some recognition. It shows that it's a force to be reckoned with in the film and publishing industry. Not to mention, it shows the power of fandoms and social media.

I think as a teenager, some of my fondest moments were getting into series (Harry Potter and Twilight) and seeing the book come to the screen. My friends and I would all camp out, dressed up, waiting in line to get the absolute best seats. This past weekend, sitting in the theater to watch TFIOS, I'm glad that the trend continues and I can only hope that one day, I'll be able to write a book that so many young adults care about.

Divergent Movie Review - Divergent Movie Tour (Seattle)

So I know I said I would post this yesterday, but I was traveling to Palm Dessert and got swept away by the beautiful sunshine!

Alright, so here it goes. I was lucky enough the get an event pass to the advanced screening of DIVERGENT! So they gave me this:

 A wristband! Michael and I arrived three hours prior, because I wasn't sure we had to wait in line for seats, but luckily we didn't. So we went to an italian cafe for a bit to wait for the movie.

When we came back there was a large group of people waiting for the red carpet to begin. I'm so sad I didn't get much photos, but it was just too darn hectic and what I really wanted to see was the movie. Though I'm sure I missed out since Jai Courtney and Miles Teller were there. The staff there was also handing out tons of swag too! I got a pin:

Once we went to get out seats however, we had to check in our phones and what not. When it was finally time for the movie, Miles Teller and Jai Courtney did a short intro and yay, finally! The wait was not in vain.

Alright, so movie review:

I really really really loved it. I mean, you know it's great if the author, Roth, likes it. But being a fan and falling in love with the book and seeing it replicated true to the story was beautiful. I think it was the best adaption of a YA novel to screen, so far.

The cast was exceptional. The casting was perfect, it was just like how I imagined it in my head. The visuals were great and the adapted screenplay really nailed it. If you're a fan of the book, you will not be disappointed. Already I want to watch it again.

An aside, but still relevant:

It's funny that even at twenty-two I can still get swept in fandom. As I sat in the theater watching these tweens and teenagers, mixed with their parents and some adults all having a blast even though we were all spending essentially almost half a day to see a two-hour movie, the energy was without fail, electric!

So what is it that turns books into fandoms into movies?

Well this is where Summit Entertainment, excels. It's a beautiful formula really. They take a book with a fan base already, then they make the movie that creates another type of experience for the reader (they allow the reader to fall in love with the book once again, but in a different medium). Summit did this with Twilight, Hunger Games, and now Divergent. They key to the success, however, is to keep true to the book. The fan base is already loyal to the book, try to do something creative and go off the mark, you'll be face with an angry mob. Instead, make the fans happy by giving them the story and bring that to life, because that's what they're looking for. A lot of us our visual, so when we finally get to see what we imagined in our minds, it's a great movie experience.

Also, a kick-ass soundtrack doesn't hurt either.