TGw9L - Week One

So, I'm drafting again. I know, I know. I should take a break, but I'm too addicted to writing to stop completely. But, I am taking it slower. No more rushing for me. No more writing scared.

But you remember Delilah, right? The character I can't stop talking about? Well, I'm writing her complicated and twisty tale, and it's been challenging and different. Michael read an excerpt of it this past weekend, and I asked him, "If you didn't know I wrote this, would you have expected this to come from the writer of TJE?" He said no, but in a good way. I am pulling off the voice of the character--a voice so different from my own.

So, week one!

Week 1: 13,960
Total: 13,960

I've been pretty steady. Trying to aim for 1,430 words a day so I can get to approx. 70,000 words by the end of seven weeks (10K per week). Considering I about killed my social life to draft ADKOU, this is pretty doable. And if you've been with me on the blog long, you'll notice that this is the same wc and length of time for TJE. Even crazier, I am starting this whole journey during the same time I did TJE last year. I guess you can say I have a thing for cycles, so it's only natural that I do these weekly progress summaries like I did for TJE, right? Ha, okay. Maybe I'm going overboard with the cycles, but hey, I hope it all works out.

With all drafts, I love writing the set up, and I always have an end/climax in mind. The middle is where I hit the panic button (but more on that next week). First 10K is relatively easy. You get so excited about everything, but it also needs to be carefully done. It's the groundwork, the first impression--it sets the tone. Thankfully, I love my beginning! After sharing it with some CP's, their enthusiasm really got me excited to see how the story pans out.

How about you? Are you currently drafting, revising, or editing? How do you mark your progress? Comment below!